The Importance of a Process

Great products don't just come out of thin air. They are created by people who spend countless hours obsessing over the product they are creating. Design is a product that is unique to a specific company. As a designer of different mediums, I obsess over creating the best product for the clients that I get to work with. Here is a little information about my design process.

  • Research

    I start my design process with research into my clients' industries, as well as the many factors that drive my clients' goals. The result of the research helps drive conceptual thinking as well as creative approach.

  • Ideate

    It doesn't matter if the project deals with interactions, building an identity or something else; coming up with the right concept and strategy for a project helps ensure that all project goals are met.

  • Explore

    Every piece of design deserves creative consideration in how it works visually, functionally and how it effects the end person interacting with it. I always explore multiple design directions.

  • Implement

    Making sure design work makes it out into the world correctly is very important. I have real world knowledge in implementing various design mediums so they end up in the world as they were meant to be.